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The "race" Camaro trackside Clark Air Base

I bought this beautiful car in January 2001, this was my first Camaro and I have "already" driven a couple of thousand miles in it. The former owner, a friend of mine, has taken extremely good care of his "baby" - and it shows, the cars is spotless. The paint job was done in 1996 with 15 or so layers of lacquer but it is slowly starting to show its age, so I am considering a new paint job - Its just so damn hard to choose a new colour scheme. The original colour of the car is Lemans Blue - like my 69 SS.

The engine is a small block also built back in 1996 by John Rizya - the father of drag racing in the Philippines. Its still in top condition given the low mileage and its faster than ever doing 13s passes down the strip. Its "slightly" modified with forged crank and rods, pistons are flattops 0.030 over - giving a compression ratio of 10.5-1. Ported and polished Camel hump heads with 2.02" intake valves, Weinand Stealth intake manifold, 1 5/8" Headers, dual 2.5" Flowtech Warlock mufflers with removable bypass for free flow, Edelbrock 750 CFM carburettor with 1 inch spacer, 280 degree camshaft (I think), 1.5 ratio roller rockers etc, Accel electronic ignition. The engine is smooth and STRONG and throttle response is great.


Fuel line setup for NOS

Last year the car received some minor modifications in John Rizya's shop - a new Edelbrock fuel pump, new 1/2" pick up line in fuel tank, new dual 2.5" Flowtech Warlock Racing Mufflers with removable cap for unrestricted flow, new Edelbrock Performer RPM valve springs with 110lbs of seat pressure.
These small tricks made the engine pull 500 rpm more than before, mainly because the new valve springs eliminated valve float above 6000 rpm.

A "small" NOS plate system Edelbrock Performer RPM adjustable from 100-250hp has found its way into the engine bay with the NOS bottle located in the trunk - together with the battery.
Because I am running a dual plane manifold and c
ast pistons (still) I have installed the smallest 100hp jets in the system. To make sure fuel supply is sufficient an electrical booster pump gives additional fuel when the red button is activated - to monitor fuel pressure an electric Autometer Ultra light series gauge has been mounted on the steering column for easy view.

A stock appearance fibre glass Cowl Induction hood has been installed recently, it has cut some pounds of the front end and given the engine better breathing conditions. It has also given more under hood clearance which was needed because the nitrous plate system made the intake system about 1/2" taller.

Getting the power to the ground has proven to be the biggest challenge on our slippery than glass track at OMNI. The car has a Turbo 400 gearbox with shift kit and a B&M quicksilver shifter, this is coupled to a Ford 9 inch rear end (Step up to a nine inch!) with posi traction and 3.89 gears.
Traction bars and 26 x 12.5 x 15 Mickey Thompsons softcompound DOT approved tyres on Centerline rims should provide the grip - Still I have to leave the line at slightly above idle but it spins the wheels through 1.gear anyway - I think mainly because of my stiff street suspension and the fact that my tyres are past their best..
However I refuse to set up the suspension for drag racing only as the car will loose its good street handling.



Grace and I made a trip to Bagio with the Kitchenblue racer and it ran great on the mountain road to the summer capital of the Philippines. Passing MacArthur highway just a few miles from our starting point proved to be the biggest challenge for the car. Due to traffic conditions, which are aweful (as ususal on MacArthur) to say the least, combined with the hot Philippine summer, temperatures inside the cabin krept up to 55 degrees centrigrade - drivers keep your cool.

Bagio Trip

I am a fulltime racing member of AHRA, Angeles Hot Rod Association. Drag race is held in Cebu by Cebu street racers, in Manila by the PDRF organisation and in Angeles City by PDRF and AHRA. Lately Davao City started doing races on a regular basis with training sessions every weekend at Speed City Buhangin Road near the new airport. Drag races in Clark are being held from January through December, but the Typhoon season sometimes hampers our midseason with tons of rain and thus cancellation of races. The two races that was to be held midseason 2004 on May 15 and June 12  were both cancelled because of either a typhoon or thunderstorms - a bit early as we hadn't yet reached the "official" typhoon season. The car ran a new best ET of 13.3sec without nitrous on the June 12 event during practice, then the timing system broke and a heavy thunderstorm sat in making any more passes and racing totally impossible. That makes me confident that the car will break into the 12s..


AHRA webpage

Davao Speed City Dragracing

Check out PI drag records on the PDRF link

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car show at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

car show at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

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