Mostly stock interior, except for an array of Autometer Ultra Lite gauges to monitor vitals like oilpressure, fuelpressure (on the coloumb behind the steering wheel), volts, transmission temp, engine oil temp and water temp.

Bigblock extra large capacity radiator with powerful Flex-a-lite fan and large dual seperate oil coolers (engine oil and transmission oil) makes sure this smallblock never overheats.

Steering wheel is the 1969 option Comfort Grib. Also Notice B&M quicksilver shifter with an old Hurst handle with the NOS botton on the side.

The Autometer rpm tach with shift light is located on top of the dash (not shown). Future Upgrades includes racing seats and Autometer speedo and 8k tach indash.

The Alpine stereo has a hard life keeping up with the dual freeflowing 2.5 inch Flowtech Warlock exhaust system.