69 Pace


 The Cars

     1967 Yutivo RS

     1969 Pace Car Replica

     1969 SS 350 L48/M20 

     1969  SS 396 Triple Green

     1979 Blazer K5

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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros



Martin & Camaro at Omni Airstrip

When asked what he is doing, Martin answer "I check the wheel", actually he jumped out of the car and checked all 4 wheels very thorouhgly - a future classic car guy that starts early. The Weld racing rims still look like they are brand new, they had just been to the polishing shop a few months ago.


I guess that he was watching his father earlier at the gas station checking the heat development from the newly overhauled brakes.


Fried Startermotor!!!!!!

The starter motor let go just minutes before a race back in June 2004.

The "crew" hard at work to have the car running for the race.

The other "crew" hard at work.