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Latest Updates


This 69 pace test page is finally up and running, but not without small hick ups in the setup.


Little Mathias one year old birthday, he is already walking since more than 1 month. Now he is preparing to blow the single candle in the cake and to clap his hands, which he is praticing every day.


Martins 3 year old birthday, for the past 10 months or so he has been claiming he was 3 years old - this will become true on sunday.

We are hoping for fine weather as its going to be a garden party as usual.


The Doctor, Fart freak and multiple Prut owner will arrive in the PI.

Will be closely followed by LRM and the Divemaster himself.

Maybe LRM's Suoped up Nova will be given a spinn in the wheel.

Our Camaros:

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